Holiday Open House           November 2 - 9, 2018

2018 Keepsakes Crown Reward Bonus Points.png

Unlock 100 Bonus Points for every Keepsake Ornament that you purchase during Holiday Open House.

Holiday Open house specials involving keepsake ornaments

2018 Holiday Open House Miniature Tree.jpg

Miniature Evergreen Tree - Reg. $19.99

Receive 50% OFF during Open House when you purchase 3 Miniature Keepsake Ornaments.

Keepsake Power Cord.jpg

FREE Keepsake Power Cord (not Magic Cord) with the purchase of any Hallmark Keepsake Ornament or Tabletop product powered by the cord.

Peanuts storyteller ornaments

2018 Keepsakes Peanuts Ornaments.JPG

Storytellers:  Interactive, Light and Sound.

Connect these ornaments to Hallmark's Keepsake Power Cord to see the continuous light effect.  Press the button to watch it perform an exciting scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  You can do one ornament alone or as you connect others to the same power cord you unlock a larger and amazingly interactive performance!  Linus & Charlie will be available in October.  Lucy & Schroeder will be available for Open House and Snoopy will follow shortly after that.