keepsake ornament Debut          October 5 - 6, 2019

2019 Crown Reward Bonus Points.jpg

Crown Reward Bonus Points will be rewarded during Debut. 

Earn 100 bonus points for each Keepsake Ornament purchased - valid 10/5-10/13.

1500 bonus points for 5 Keepsakes or 3000 bonus points for 10 Keepsakes purchased - valid 10/5-10/6.

900 bonus points for 5 Keepsakes or 1800 bonus points for 10 Keepsakes purchased - valid 10/7-10/13.

2019 Debut Limited Snowbuddies Surprise.jpg

All Limited Quantity Ornaments are pictured in the Dream Book!

Due to these ornament being so limited in quantity compared to the quantity or requests we get for some of these ornaments, Holiday's Hallmark has put in place a policy that you must order at least 5 other ornaments from us between the July and October lists to be able to pre-order from the Limited Quantity Lists.

We fill all requests for these ornaments by date requested.

1st to request - 1st to get.

Limited Quantity Ornaments must by paid for by noon on October 5th.  If they are not paid by then, we will pull it and give it to the next person on the list.

Limit of 1 of each per customer.  If we have some left, we will fill duplicate requests, again by date.  Any extras we might have left will be on the shelves for sale starting October 5th.

Savings on these items during Debut

Immerse your whole family in a new interactive Christmas experience with state of the art innovation from Keepsake Ornaments. Set your sights on this magical show of lights!

Sound-A-Light Tree -Reg. $249.99

Save $50 during Ornament Debut

2019 Keepsake Ornamant Wreath.jpg

Keepsake Ornament Wreath- Reg. $29.99

Save $10 with the purchase of the Outdoor Bird Ornament Set during Debut

2019 Keepsake Sound a light tree.jpg

Specials During Ornament Debut

2019 Debut Noble Nutcrackers Bag.jpg

FREE "Noble Nutcracker” reusable shopping bag with your purchase of Keepsake Ornaments.  Limit of 1 FREE bag per customer when you turn in your Wish List prior to October 5th and pick up your ornaments by October 13th.

Purchase Keepsake Ornaments during Premiere in July AND Debut in October and qualify to receive "Fabulous Flute" Keepsake Ornament FREE.  There is nothing to keep track of.  Hallmark will notify you if you qualify.

Keepsake Ornament club member debut Exclusives

2019 Debut Club Sweet Fairy.jpg

Sugar Plum Fairy, 1st in the Nutcracker Sweet 5 part Series - $17.99

Debut Exclusive ornament only available to Keepsake Ornament Club Members during Debut.

2019 Debut Club Mickey Marionette.jpg

Mickey Marionette - Disney Mickey Mouse - $24.99

Debut Exclusive ornament only available to Keepsake Ornament Club Members during Debut.

Both above items are limited to one per membership - while supplies last.

Not a member?  No problem!  Join today to qualify for above ornament offers.